About Us

Mridul Real Estate Ltd.

Dhaka, being the largest city and capital of the country, is greatly contribution to overall national socioeconomic growth, Mridul Real Estate Ltd. a well known company in Dhaka, has timely respond to the bare necessity of time and growing demand of elegant housing and such emerged as a classic developer to cater the need of the quality customer of the city.

For pleasant and comfortable living, location of the house requires to have some significance. Keeping this reality in mind Mridul Real Estate Ltd. has undertaken a project in Basundhara, Dhaka in most prestigious location with beautiful panoramic view all around.

Mridul Real Estate Ltd. has put its best endeavor to bring peace and comfort by arranging most modern civil amenities required of quality living. While designing, architect put the best effort on maximization of functional aspects well as the aesthetics of the project, creating responsive openness and comfort (according to Building Construction Act 2008). The apartments in the complex are expression of contemporary architecture, equipped with modern, stylish and fitting and fixtures.

Since its inception MREL gives emphasize on:

Quality (in construction)
Commitment (for timely handover)
Service (to the clients)
Satisfaction (of the clients)
Creativity (in design) .

Message of MD

Mridul Real Estate Ltd. is a trusted name in real estate sector has already achieved recognition for quality works, scheduled handover and maximum benefit to the clients.

Mridul Real Estate Ltd. have total qualities management team employed with number of prominent architects, dynamic sales marketing personnel's experienced construction engineers has earned excellence in this sectors.

Our motto is to create vast employment, make urbanization with modern facilities which will ensure safe environment and where quality will not be compromised.

We believe to provide superior customer value by delivering high quality satisfaction to our esteemed clients and there precious investment and that makes us reliable throughout.

Thanking you
Delwar Ahmed
Managing Director
Mridul Real Estate Ltd.

Board of Directiors

As regard the management of our group, we have the following team:

Mr. X,

a triple graduate from Mumbai University, having vast experience in different businesses, having expertise in Commerce, Management and law (documentation and Planning) is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. Mr. Kazi looks after the acquisition of properties, Planning and designing of the projects. Mr. Kazi is also responsible for over all management of all the projects under the umbrella of Fortune Group.

Mr. Y,

young face of the company, is the key director in charge of liasoning work being required for all the necessary sanctions from different government departments. Mr. Naazir is also given the job of finalizing the sale in respect of units in the different projects.

Value Positions

Today, Mridul Real Estate Ltd. ushers the construction business in Mumbai into the 21st century with a number of innovative Art Deco ideas and appeal. All structures added to the landscape of Mumbai are eco-friendly and in sync with the requirements of the awareness towards the role of vertical expansion in conservation of precious space on the islands. The efforts are all directed towards developing an eco-friendly architectural style that the city so badly needs.




Rajuk Enlisted

Awards & Achievements

We at Mridul Real Estate Ltd. have been recognised for our commitment to sustainable development and environmental best practice.We have received numerous awards in areas including project management, innovative human capital management services and sustainability. We are proud of our accomplishments both as company and as individuals.Many of our team members have been recognized for their individual efforts and achievements. Our Vision is to build a relationship, be they clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, in which we are working or any other group or individual by facilitating the provision of high quality services to our clients.